ad-roller®: a simple but brilliant idea!

ad-roller® enables advertising on existing moving structures and creates benefits for owners of escalators, for advertisers and for customers


ad-roller® now available in Italy

ad-roller® realized with our new partner I.R.E.M.A Lift Srl a safety campaign to keep distance. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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ad-roller® Floorsticker

ad-roller® created out of the Covid-19 pandemic a new product - ad-roller® Floorsticker to keep distance in all public areas. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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ad-roller® at Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA)

ad-roller is now available at one of the biggest Airports in the world - IGA Airport. We can offer you unique and impactful advertising space in high efficient areas - let’s speak about your campaign! Please follow link below to get in touch.

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ad-roller® elevates your revenues

Do you own or operate escalators, moving walkways or cash conveyor desks? Would you like to generate revenues with your infrastructure? ad-roller gives you the opportunity to use these so far unproductive structures and you will profit from several benefi

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Move your customers - with your brand in their hand

Get the undivided attention of your customers with our impactful media!

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Run your successful ad-roller® business in your country

Enjoy exclusive distribution rights and top support! As licensed partner you will be provided with our technology and our high-tech materials (foils). You will be trained, certified and you will receive full support from the whole network.

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ad-roller takes your business to the next level

Owners of locations, advertisers, business partners/licensees and even customers benefit from this innovative technology – ad-roller creates a win-win-situation for all of them. By using previously unproductive surfaces we generate revenue for owners, create impact for brands and on top there are lots of positive side effects.

ad-roller® stands out for its ease of application and removal (in monthly intervals). It has been applied successfully in numerous campaigns at international airports, malls, convention centers, stadiums as well train and subway stations globally.

We guarantee that our technology will not harm your handrails or escalators. Our product will be just installed and removed (residue-free) by our certified technicians at the times you prefer (day and night).


cd-roller is your opportunity to advertise on cash desk conveyor belts, directly at the point of sale - either with fully covering stickers, or by telling a story with several smaller stickers.

Advertising appeal needs time!

A Statista survey has evaluated the average waiting times at supermarket cash desks in European countries. (See the results from this survey below). During those 2,49 to 13,72 minutes, customers are forced to hold, cd-roller gives you an excellent opportunity to communicate you advertising messages as last media directly at the POS.

Average Waiting time at cash desks in minutes

  • 13.72
  • 10.32
  • 10.15
  • 8.82
  • 8.37
  • 8.20
  • 7.20
  • 7.18
  • 6.90
  • 6.55
  • 5.78
  • 4.72
  • 4.30
  • 4.29
  • 4.14
  • 3.91
  • 3.81
  • 3.64
  • 3.45
  • 3.34
  • 2.78
  • 2.71
  • 2.70
  • 2.49
The booking time of 2 months ensures that this media does not only qualify for the stimulus to impulse purchases, but even for the sustainable memorizing of the advertised contents, which makes cd-roller a powerful instrument, even for image advertising.

The advantages at a glance:

Catching attention

An entertaining eye catcher (with 2-3 m²), leaving a lasting impression on the customers. Colorful glossy surfaces with attractive designs are catching attention.

Triggers impulse purchases

76 % of the purchase decisions are made at the POS. cd-roller takes advantage to influence the customers at the last opportunity, thus significantly triggers impulse purchases and increases revenue.

Extremely long dwell time

The average waiting time at cash desks in Europe ranges between 2,5 and 13 minutes – an excellent opportunity to communicate advertising messages effectively.

Perfect for image advertising

8 weeks application time in combination with the significant waiting time at the cash desks prompts excellent remembrance values. Hence ad-roller even works very well with image advertising.

Additional benefits for the Supermarkets

Supermarkets and other cash desk owners benefit from reasonable rental profits and they get an opportunity to communicate their own messages (sales campaigns, loyalty cards, corporate design etc.).

New format for creative solutions

Advertising customers and agencies are excited about an innovative, highly efficient new format, which brings up totally new creative solutions to transport their messages.

Colorful environment increases spending

A Shop Consult Survey has brought to light, that colorful surfaces surrounding the people in comparison to black environments, cause higher covetousness towards certain goods and increase the readiness to spend more money.


The sleek and glossy surface is cleaner and easier to be cleaned in comparison to worn down black belts. The employees love it and the customers perceive increased hygiene.

Uses existing infrastructure

The media does not take up any space in the shop. It uses the existing infrastructure and no additional frames or racks spoil the location.

Sales Pusher

The Sales-Pusher is a unique device for the presentation of goods (in most cases beverages).

Optionally equipped with highly efficient cooling, the Sales Pusher excites people with moving products, pushing them out dynamically and taking them in softly.