Move your customers - with your brand in their hand

Get the undivided attention of your customers with our impactful media!

Take your brand to the next level!

ad-roller is an extremely impactful media at highly frequented locations (Airports, Malls, Conventions Centers, Transportation Hubs, Stadiums etc.). Our captive, unavoidable media is catching undivided attention for up to 40 seconds, which results in 60 – 80% brand recall!

On minimum 7 square meters and minimum 60 meters length advertisers get the opportunity to create innovative solutions on a new moving media format which is touched by thousands of customers daily and where customers are receptive to the advertising message.

ad-roller, a powerful advertising media
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10 reasons to advertise with ad-roller

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Moving media in a unique format

ad-roller allows creative designs and solutions.

Touched by customers, you put your brand in their hand

You will achieve unique interaction, as the passengers hold your advertisement in their hands.

30 – 40 seconds undivided attention with an unavoidable media

Escalators are bottlenecks at highly frequented locations.


Directs the customers to your store

Direct your customer with your brand on the escalator handrail, leading to the floor of your shop or with detailed indications, with QR codes and arrows as part of the artworks of your advertisement.

Get the passenger from offline to online

The integration of QR codes enables you to interact with the customer and to add even more content
(or the map of the location).

Last media before POS

According to a Popai Survey the “in-store-decision-rate” is currently at 76% and constantly rising. With ad-roller you are advertising at the right place at the right time.

Positive reception at POS

At the point of sale customers are more receptive to advertisements.

Dynamic, innovative media fascinates customers

And colorful, instead of black surfaces stimulate a significantly greater desire for certain goods and a readiness to spend more money (Shop Consult Survey 2004)

Advertising Period from 1-8 weeks per escalator

The Standard is 4 weeks

~ 80% brand recall

During a campaign for Microsoft: 91% noticed the ad, 78% recalled the brand. In the course of a campaign for Swiss Railways a 3-months survey proofed that more than 80% of the escalator passengers were influenced in their behavior by ad-roller.

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