ad-roller® elevates your revenues

Do you own or operate escalators, moving walkways or cash conveyor desks? Would you like to generate revenues with your infrastructure? ad-roller gives you the opportunity to use these so far unproductive structures and you will profit from several benefits!

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy profits with existing infrastructure?

ad-roller will not only increase your profits with rent – ad-roller boosts the sales at your site.

Apart from the financial benefits, many other advantages will excite you and your customers:
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10 reasons to cooperate with ad-roller

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Increases safety!

Designs and colors are functioning as point of reference. Passengers are getting a clear sense of the pace and an indication for the direction of the handrail. Their awareness for the ride is increased. A significant reduction of accidents is the consequence. (Proofed by expertise - Institute Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Pfleger)

Highly consumer-friendly:

The media presents itself with pleasant haptic and attractive colorful designs instead of sometimes worn down black handrails.

Enhanced hygiene

Regularly cleaned handrails and a glossy surface entail enhanced hygiene. The handrails are cleaner and easier to be cleaned.


Fresh look and feel

Constantly changing & evolving layouts provide a fresh look and feel at regular intervals.

Easy implementation

ad-roller is the most decent media, as it does not require additional structures to be placed at your location.

Great durability

Colorfast, scratch-proof and durable, backed by a 1-month warranty for each application.


Certified by the German TÜV (“no damage, no service interruption, no cause for concern”).


Certified according to ÖNORM EN ISO 11925 standard – tested by Surveillance Testing and Certification Body, Laboratory for Structural Engineering, City of Vienna.


Recommendation by Schindler, one of top escalator manufacturers: “It does not conflict with any EN Standards to install advertising on handrails, provided the foil does not detach from the handrail. The company Schindler also supports the idea "Escalators as advertising media", particularly where safety instructions are installed. We do not have any reservations, on the contrary, the handrail remains almost always in a clean condition so that even more users hold on to the handrail.”

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